Jason went to the head end and trust his large black cock into their faces. "Here bitches, suck my cock!" Richard and Ella stuck out their tongues and began licking at the cock in their faces.
Richard felt the unmistakable feel of the head of a giant cock against the entrance of his arse. He realised immediately that even while he was fucking he was still going to get fucked. Billy’s cock soon drilled deep into his arse forcing his own cock deeper into Ella’s cunt.
Jason began fucking first Ella’s then Richard’s mouth, thrusting deep into their throats causing them to gag and wheeze. As Richard jerked in and out of Ella’s cunt he fucked himself on Billy’s waiting cock. Ella reached round pulling Billy in closer ensuring that his whole cock was rammed up Richard’s willing arse. "Fuck!" Richard exclaimed between mouthfuls of cock. "Oh, god fuck me!"
"I think he likes being fucked more than he likes fucking!" Jason suggested as he grabbed the sides of Richard’s head and fucked deep into his mouth. "Sorry Ella I think this greedy cunt wants my spunk!"
Richard pulled his head of the invading cock. "Yes! Yes feed me your spunk!" Jason drove his cock back down Richard’s throat. The sensations were unbelievable. Richard felt his arse stretched wide by Billy’s enormous cock. His cock pulsated and throbbed deep inside Ella’s warm wet cunt. He felt his cock twitch and knew he was about to come. He wanted to scream and shout but he couldn’t make much noise as the cock in his throat spewed thick cum down his throat causing his to gag and splutter. Billy thrust his cock harder up Richard’s arse sending streams of spunk deep inside.
"So this is what you all get up to when I am not here!" Maggie enquired clearly amused by what she saw.
Ella went over to her. "Your husband has been trying to fuck me!" she kissed Maggie pulling her close and sticking her tongue in her mouth. "Oh Honey! Who have you been sucking? We thought you had gone for some wine!"
"I did, but I ran into a couple of old friends on the way!"
Ella’s hand was already investigating Maggie’s cunt. "So it would seem! Just how many old friends did you meet?" Ella worked her cunt some more and snogged her deeply.
"Three, one at the shop and two when I cut across the park on my way home."
"And my Billy was so looking forward to fucking you!"
"She’ll still let him" Richard reassured her.
"Well sweetie you had better get her cunt ready, my Billy tells me that you like to lick he cunt clean."
"Come on bitch boy on your knees" Billy instructed. "That whore needs more fucking! And we are the ones to fuck her!"

Richard got on his knees and began licking Maggie’s dripping cunt. Maggie stood over him encouraging him.
"I hope those cocks you just fucked were good black meat!" Jason enquired while manipulating Maggie’s nipples, twisting and pinching them.
"Yes of course! I only fuck black cock!" Maggie said with a note of pride in her voice. Billy bent Maggie over the end of the bed. "Keep licking bitch boy Richard shuffle into position licking at Maggie’s sticky cunt and clit.
"When you have finished down there, move over and lick your own spunk from Ella’s beautiful black cunt!"
Richard moved over and began licking up the small amount of spunk his tiny cock had managed to deposit into Ella’s cunt.
"You love it don't you bitch?" Billy demanded as he rammed his thick hard cock into Maggie’s willing arse. "You are a real whore for black cock now aren't you?
"Yes!" she panted, pushing her white arse out to meet his thrusts.
"Tell us how you fucked while you where out honey." Ella she was bent over next to Maggie taking Jason’s sizable cock in her own arse.
Maggie told them how she had met a black guy at the shops who asked her if she was that white bitch that liked black cock. Maggie told him that she thought that she probably was so he had taken her round the back of the shops and fucked her unceremoniously which had served to arouser her rather than satisfy her. Shopping in hand she hurried home from the shops taking the short cut through the park. As she passed a bench occupied by two black guys she ‘accidently’ dropped her keys deliberately bent over so that they would get an eyeful of he recently fucked fanny. One of the guys had immediately stuck his finger in her cunt. "Do you want to try MY cock in there?" naturally Maggie had needed no second invitation. One guy fucked her cunt while the other fucked her mouth in the bushes. And now Maggie was as horney as hell and need a good fucking from her two favourite cocks.
"Your wife is a real slut!" Jason told Richard admiringly. "She was just made to take be fucked by fat black cocks. Look at the way she is taking Billy up the arse!"
In fact both women were moaning at the delight of having their arses drilled by the thick black cocks thrust deep into there willing arses but Maggie was begging and pleading for it!
"Oh yes! Fuck my arse!" Maggie begged. "Give my arse a good hard fuck" she swayed her arse back to meet his thrusts. "You could never satisfy me this way," she told Richard "I feel like a real woman now! Being fuck by this fat black cocks."
"Now she has been fucked black cock she will never be happy with your tiny cock again!" Ella informed him. "A well fucked cunt like hers will hardly be able to feel that little pencil of yours!"
"You bitch!" Richard muttered as he went back to licking her cunt."
Billy drove his cock deep inside Maggie’s arse slapping his balls against her up turned arse.
"Harder, yes like that, give me your black cock, I want to feel your spunk up my arse" Maggie gyrated her clit against Richard’s willing tongue. She came fiercely jerking violently against his face. Her arse clamping around Billy’s cock causing him to shoot streams of his thick spunk deep in her arse. Soon Jason and Ella were coming too.

"I want my Billy to fuck me next!" Ella requested.
"Fine by me ‘cause I want to fuck that cock whore!" Jason said, pointing to Maggie. He got Maggie on her knees on the bed and entered her cunt from behind. Pushing her face down on to the bed and driving into her. Maggie thought that she might easily be split in two. But this was the way Maggie liked to be fucked. She had been ridden hard by the thick black cocks that mounted her all day and she loved it.
"Spunk slut" Maggie called Richard over, she was upright on her knees with Jason’s cock fucking her fanny; her legs spread as wide as she could "I want you to rub my clit with your cock. It will be like having a finger rubbing me while I fuck!" She reached down and spread the lips of her pussy exposing her clit. Richard slid up to her and started rubbing his cock over the whore’s clit. Jason held still holding his cock into her as hard as he could. He then began to slide his cock in and out of her again. At one point as he slid his cock almost all the way out at the same time Richard was sliding his cock down her clit and his small stiff cock entered her pussy. he thrust into her as far as he could. Then Jason and Richard started to take turns sliding their cocks into her. When Jason would pull out of her Richard would thrust into her and visa versa. When Richard’s cock wasn't in her pussy he held it and rub the head over her clit.
With the juices from her pussy running down the insides of her thighs and with her arms around Richard’s neck to maintain her balance Maggie was in heaven. She would arch her ass back when Jason would thrust his cock into her and roll her hips forward to meet Richard’s cock.
"Do you like that bitch?" Jason asked.
"Yes it is like being fucked by a cock and then a finger."
Jason held her in position, his cock deep inside her cunt. "Here stick your cock in with mine. Then you will know how it is supposed to feel when you fuck a cunt."
Richard struggled to push his cock in next to Jason’s. Even his well fucked whore of a wife felt tight filled with Jason’s huge cock. He held Maggie still and let Richard fuck her a few times.
"Now get that silly little prick out of her while I fuck her properly. You can carry on rubbing her clit."
Jason held Maggie by the hips while she hung on to Richard and begged for the cock to fuck her cunt. Maggie pulled Richard to her and kissed him deeply driving her tong into his mouth. He could still taste the cum of the unknown black man the bitch had sucked on her knees in the park.
Jason was the first to start to cum, he thrust his cock, harder and harder, into Maggie, holding her by the hips he drove his cock into her as far as he could and started to cum deep in her cunt. When she felt the first jets of his cum in her pussy Maggie could hold out on longer. Holding her husband round the neck to support her while another man came in her cunt, she screamed as the waves of pleasure to wash over her. He couldn't take it, with the head of his cock rubbing her clit Richard began stroking it for all he was worth. The tip of his cock was spreading the spunk that was seeping from her cunt over her juice clit. Soon Richard’s cum was shooting out onto her swollen clit.
Their guests quickly dress.
"See you next month Honey" Ella gave Maggie a kiss goodbye. "Maybe next time I will get to fuck you! I never saw such a cock whore in my life."

As soon as they were gone Richard turned his attention to Maggie. "Fetch a dinning chair, bitch, I am going to punish you filth whore arse"
When Maggie returned with the chair she saw Richard was armed with a leather whip, the cane and a bath brush. "Bend over with your hands on the chair!" Maggie obeyed opening her legs and lifting her bottom to him. Richard laid twenty stinging lashes across her arse with the whip followed by ten vicious blows from the cane. Taking his time between each one to ensure she felt it thoroughly. "Now sit on that chair." Maggie sat her stinging arse down. "How many black cocks have you had today?"
"Five, sir," Maggie informed him
"Then you shall have the same punishment every hour until I have punished you for each one!"
After the final repeat Maggie’s bottom was bright red with several purple stripes but Richard was in no mood for mercy. He brought the bath brush crashing down on her spanked arse "And this is for snogging a women and letting her feel your cunt!" the brush landed firmly nine more times. "Now sit now bitch, you can stay there till bed time and contemplate the error of your ways!"
It was hard for Maggie to keep still on the chair until bed time. Richard wasn’t done yet he lay her on her back and whipped her cunt six times for each cock she had had. Maggie screamed and whimpered begging him to stop. Richard was unmoved. The filthy whore deserved what she got and no amount of tears were going to put him off!!!

Chapter 3

Richard and Maggie both knew that today was the day the gardeners were due and yet neither of them mentioned it. They tried to pretend to go about their normal business. Richard was torn, he needed to go into work but he wanted to stay home to ‘keep an eye’ on his wife he told himself. Not entirely sure that he just didn’t want to miss out on anything that she got up to! He knew full well he couldn’t trust the bitch alone with them. He was not sure he could trust himself.

Maggie wondered if they would come alone or would they bring the voluptuous Ella with them. She shuddered in anticipation of their hard black cocks, remembering how good they felt in her arse and cunt.

"Have you got knickers on?" Richard demanded.

"Yes sir!" she answered quickly. Latterly he had insisted (often with his belt) that she wore her knickers. Her behaviour had hardly improved but if he felt better who was she to argue. She wriggled slightly in her chair remembering how he had punished her after the last time the gardeners visited. Her cunt was already wet in anticipation of the fucking and punishments to come.

Richard decided to stay home and ‘keep his eye’ on his wife he could see she was ready to be fucked. He contemplated offering to fuck her but he knew she would refuse knowing that she would get better from the gardeners.

The door bell rang causing them both to jump slightly. It was Ella

"Don’t worry the boys will be here soon." She made herself at home on the couch pulling her short skirt across her thighs.

"Now I hope you are going to show us a good time!"

"Yes of course!" they answered in chorus.

Ella led the way to the bedroom "They can join us when they get here." She lay on the bed with her legs open "Now which of you bitches is going to suck my cunt?"

"Me!" they both offered together.

"Ok," Ella laughed at their keenness. "Maggie you can have first suck"

Maggie got down on Ella’s cunt, placing her lips around her already hard clit and sucked coating it with her salvia, making Ella moan as she licked all over her pussy, from its deep folds, to her arse and then to her cunt.
"Wait a minute, let me lick you too' Ella said and made for her cunt, just as Maggie did for hers. Their motions and actions mirrored each other, as they let their tongues explored the depths of each other’s pussy.

Ella lifted her head and called Richard over "You want some too honey?" she opened her legs wider and let Richard join Maggie licking and sucking at her cunt. Sharing the juices that flowed freely from her, kissing each other with her swollen clit between their lips, fighting to fuck her arse with their tongues. All the time Ella was giving Maggie’s cunt and arse a good licking. She pulled Ella’s head down into her cunt, gyrating her hips against the prying mouth. Soon she was cumming bucking and writhing against the tongue licking at her clit.

Ella extracted herself, "Why don’t you to have a snog" she told them. Richard lay on top of Maggie his hard cock digging into her belly as he snogged her. "Now I am going to fuck you both!"
While they were snogging Ella had put on her strap on cock and got behind them. She inserted it deep into Maggie’s cunt causing her to gasp at its sheer size. "You like that honey?"
"Yes, oh yes!" Maggie bucked against the huge dildo.
"Do you think your husband will want this up his arse?" Ella asked.
Maggie was reluctant to relinquish the hard rubber cock but she knew that she should share. "Yes, give it to him fuck his arse!" Richard felt the strap-on cock placed at the entrance of his arse and then it began to enter him. It was a tight fit, He could tell that Ella was having problems pushing the ten inch rubber cock in.

"That's it take my cock. Yeah you like that, don't you bitch boy".
"Yes I love you fucking me', he answered. As Ella pushed the strap-on further in. the pleasure grew and his cock hardened. And he pushed back to take it all in.

Richard grabbed Maggie’s nipples twisting and pulling on them until she wined and moaned.
Ella began to forcibly fuck him, ramming the rubber cock into his abused little asshole with great ferocity. Each time the rubber cock was pushed into him it sank in further and
further, finding new areas of his ass to bring pleasure to.
"That's it bitch, take my cock. you love it up the ass don't you Whore'. Ella told him.
"Yes ...please.. fuck me ..harder", Richard answered in-between breaths.
"Oh I will Whore, don't worry about that" Ella hardly need any encourage to abuse his arse, she continued the assault on his asshole with increased vigour. Her trusting becoming harder and faster.
Then she stopped and began fucking Maggie’s cunt again. Richard begged to have his arse fucked. Ella fucked them both in turn each begging for it, each bucking against it trying to drive the hard rubber deeper inside there willing hole. Until Richard came screaming as his spunk spurted all over Maggie.

"Lick that mess up! Before the boys get here" Ella told him. Richard immediately obliged licking his own spunk from his wife’s belly.
When he looked up he was vaguely surprised to see Jason and Billy undressing, getting ready to join them.
"If you want to eat spunk you can have mine!" Jason said. "Here bitches, both of you on your knees and suck my cock!"
Maggie and Richard got on their knees and began sucking his large black cock. Licking and slurping at the head of his dripping cock, their tongues fighting each other to lick at his balls and taking it in turns to swallow his cock in to their throats until Jason cums over both their faces.

Mean while, Billy got on the bed with Ella and began fucking her "They can lick this cunt just as soon as I have given her my load!" he said.

"first they can eat my spunk!" Jason pushed their faces together making them lick the spunk from each others faces.

Billy came in Ella’s cunt. "Get that bitch boy over here. He can clean my baby while we fuck that white bitches arse!"

Richard got between Ella’s legs, happy to have her cunt and all the spunk to himself.

"Ride my cock bitch!" Billy slapped Maggie’s arse as she hurried to follow his instructions.
"Yes spank the bitch!" Richard lifted his head from the cunt he was enjoying.

"You like to see her white arse red?" Jason asked.

"Yes!" Richard admitted. "Belt it, she loves it!" Jason pulled the heavy leather belt from his jeans and lashed it across Maggie’s bottom as she rode Billy’s cock. Son her arse was fiery red and stripped.

"Harder!" Maggie begged. "Belt me harder!" as she trust down on to the cock in her cunt. Ella reached over and began rubbing her clit. "Oh god!" so many sensations all at once!

Fuck me," she whispered. "Fuck me hard and deep. I’m a slut. I’ll be your slut from now on. You don’t have to be gentle with me. belt me like I’m your dirty little slut, please. I beg you. Use me. You own me. I am all yours. You can fuck me any way you want. I want you to do with me as you please. Fuck, me hard, baby, please. Fuck me…"

"You like it don’t you!" Jason lashed the belt hard against her already stinging arse. "You filthy slut!"
"I’m a slut and I love it," she hissed. "I love fucking. I love to be fucked and to be treated like a whore!"
Jason inserted his hard black cock into her burning hot arse and began fucking her. Richard loved the sight! His wife having her red arse and cunt fucked by two black cocks while she begged for it!
Jason brought his belt down across Maggie’s shoulders again and again. "Oh god!! Yes! You know how to treat a cock slut don’t you!" their cocks drove into her deep and hard. "See how they fuck me, you’re nothing but a cuckold!" she told Richard who was shocked at just how slutty his wife could get "See how their big black cocks fuck me hard! You could never satisfy me this way, I feel like a real woman now!" She could feel his balls slapping against her ass, as she came explosively contracting against the cocks buried deep in side her arse and cunt as they pumped their cum deep inside her.

"My god you wife is a bitch!" Jason told Richard. Maggie lay panting on the bed spunk dripping from both her holes. When she opened her eyes she saw that she and Richard were alone. Richard was standing over her, whip in hand.

"Hold your legs apart!" she knew what was coming but she knew resistance was pointless. He whipped her cunt hard causing the spunk to fly.

"Yes, punish my naughty cunt! She deserves it!" Whip it! Whip it hard." Maggie begged "Teach your bitch a lesson! Teach me to behave!"

Richard thrashed her cunt until it was red, saw and swollen. "This is just a taster of the punishment you can expect you filthy cock sucking whore!"

Richard was as good as his word it was several days before Maggie could sit down without a cushion!!